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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Lifestyle With Our Roof Top Decking

Adora Decks is your all-around team for outdoor living solutions, including roof top decking. Unlike other areas, roof decking is trickier and requires more professional expertise. Fortunately, we have a combined experience of over 50 years, allowing us to complete any project seamlessly. We also take pride in getting accreditations from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA). This recognition proves how reliable and premium our services are.

Innovation is the primary thing that enables us to provide unique service. That is why we can transform a dull-looking outdoor space into a modern oasis anyone would enjoy. With our cutting edge tools, high-quality materials and skills, your outdoor space will turn into a perfect spot for celebrations and relaxation. Our consistency in providing exceptional work has remained unaltered throughout the years. For this reason, we have continuously grown a wide client base in the Macarthur Region and across Sydney.

Is Roof Top Decking Right For You?

Although famous for adding beauty to a property, getting a roof top decking is not a project for untrained builders. This project is a lot harder since there are a lot of factors to consider, including:

• Strength

The roof deck must be sturdy and strong enough to support the weight of people walking on it. Not to mention that roof top decking has heavy garden plants that grow over time. Ensure you’re with the right contractor for safety reasons.

• Fencing

Besides the aesthetic part, you should also consider installing fences to ensure you and your family will be safe from accidents.

• Lighting

Lighting is important to roof decking as it enhances the landscape design. Moreover, it is also an excellent safety feature.

• Accents

Adding tables and pergolas are also a factor to consider, especially if you want to maximise your roof decking. You may place a barbecue grill, benches, and planters, among many others, to furnish this area.

Experience the Roof Top Decking Magic

Roof decking is a roof top garden area and patio designed with beautiful landscapes. So, it is typically the perfect area to hold parties or just enjoy a cool and breezy night. Moreover, it allows individuals to enjoy the outdoors without taking a long journey, walking or driving to access green space. For this reason, having a roof deck is a pleasant addition, especially if you live in the city.

However, building a roof top deck requires expert assessment, especially if you want to add a pool. Your contractor must assess the structural integrity of the house. With Adora Decks, we can deliver impressive results that meet the safety and aesthetic standards you need.

Let the expert roof top decking team do the job for you. Call the Adora Decks team today.


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